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. this recent surge is to blame for a number of refinery problems in california, power failure in southern california and chevron fire in august. all contributing to those high prices. latest prices released from aaa this morning are just out, take a look at this, this is what has happened in the last week, if you filled up, you know it. san francisco $4.74 up 47 cents in a week. oakland up 49 cents. from a week ago. san jose 50 cents. analysts predict once that winter blend mix of gasoline begins selling we definitely could begin to see prices fall. >> if it is right, that would have a major impact on the price of gasoline, increasing our spwhraoeus by 8, 10% would be plenty to bring down california prices to norm app relationship to the rest of the country. >> reporter: the big question is how soon will we see prices fall? analysts are predicting that it could take a week or so. until then, we will probably continue to see prices under the $5 mark. sue thompson, abc7 news. >>> they are cleaning up this morning around oakland city hall after occupy protesters combined with anti-war protes
a challenge against california's landmark laws to regulate greenhouse gas emissions tomorrow. a judge strict down the 2006 law signed by governor stpheger that is aimed at cutting the -- governor schwarzenegger that is aimed at cutting carbon footprint fuels. the state has asked the court to reverse the lower court ruling. >>> our air outside fresh and damp thanks to the fog. >> you can see our air out there. >>> we like that high relative humidity, good for low fire danger that is quickly going to change in the next 24 hours, less fog, and less recovery overnight we're talking offshore flow. first things first. look at the fog across the bay into our inland east bay going to take time to clear, 9:00 inland east bay and san jose clear, through 10:00, 11:00 the rest of the bay clears high clouds for the north bay. take a look at visibility right now down to quarter of a mile in napa, half mile in novato up to santa rosa airport half mile visibility. you can count on delays within the next hour, mile and quarter half moon bay. further east concord 2 1/2 miles, livermore is okay, i expect that
say unusual look at something that happens all the time. >>> millions in california will be ducking and covering this morning. >>> good morning sue hall following your thursday morning commute with a live look at the san mateo bridge things flowing smoothly between hayward and foster city and the other direction. full closure this weekend. >>> tonight someone in the bay area will be $49,000 richer could be you i'm katie marzullo live in san francisco i'll tell you the easy way you can enter to win, next. >>> it may be you, it won't be us we are not eligible. good morning at 5 o'clock between the 49ers game tonight and maybe if you are a meteor showers watcher the weather could not be any more perfect. >> but warmer. >>> no need to take your coat to the game tonight mid 70s by the start mid 60s by the end fun electric night at the stick. right now live doppler no radar returns, still following high fire danger in red higher elevations north bay mountains, east bay hills, diablo range that area still susceptible to high fire danger tendencies over the next couple of hours. low to mid
. >> in california politics governor jerry brown is making an urgent push for one measure on next month's ballot and against another. members of the california teachers association joined the governor in san francisco to show support for prop 30. it would raise taxes on high income households to support schools and education programs. >>> i say proposition 30 is about jobs because it's about kids and teachers, and they produce the brains and the skills that make the jobs of the future possible. >>> a competing school spending measure is prop 38. the governor and teachers union are also campaigning against prop 32 which they say will limit teachers' participation in the political process. >>> if you work for the state of california the recession may not have hurt you too badly. at least not in terms of your sal i are. a new study reveals state employees have fared much better in the paycheck department than workers in the private sector. abc7 news capital correspondent nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >>> a new center for government analysis study shows a big discrepancy in paychecks whe
. how southern california survived another shutdown of a major freeway. >>> first this morning's america's money report. >> reporter: good morning. getting it right the first time. starting today medicare will fine hospitals that have too many patients readmitted because of complications the government expects to penalize 2/3 of hospitals over the next year. milk prices may double until the house passes new farm bill. senate has passed replacement, not the house, without a new law the government would be required to buy dairy products and push-up prices. theaters came back to life this weekend thanks to hotel transylvania, number one with 43 million dollars. could be a worldwide shortage of disposeable diapers factory in japan that makes key ingredient was destroyed by an explosion over the weekend. ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and fee
. these guys work with hartman studios out of richmond, california they put in whole parade on. your job is what? >> decorating cable cars for giants. we are doing the staging at civic center. we have a lot of groups out there. >> reporter: when you say decorating cable cars are you like an artist? >> putting on balloons, [ unintelligible ] some banners. >> reporter: are you going to meet players? >> we should. >> reporter: who are you looking forward to meet? >> everybody, the whole team. >> reporter: the folks from hartman studios out of richmond, california. getting ready for the big parade. i'm terry mcsweeney back to you. >>> getting ready cause here we come. >>> a lot of people are coming into the city about a million if you are one the best advice is use mass transit. >> sue has the latest on the service -- >> parking is going to be at a premium if you work in the area south of market, mass transit would be a great way to get around, delivery people it is going to be a nightmare until the parade is over closed market up to civic center plaza, mission 'em and beale, stewart, spear
into southern california. some of you head today golden gate park today, starting out with a few clouds. high temperatures in the low 60s, sunshine, partly cloudy skies and then dropping back into the 50s for the hardly strictly blue grass festival. looks good there. and back around the bay, this is what i mean with the 60s and 70s. 65 in the city. pretty mild. without the inversion or marine layer we are looking at the milder temperatures along the coast. 68 in oakland. monterey bay, upper 60s. it's clear right now, 73 in gilroy. if you are head today watch the blue angels this afternoon, partly cloudy skies, mid-60s at about 1:00. we will hold that forecast right through about 4:00 and then the temperatures drop. so looking pretty good out there. finally tonight, if you are headed to at&t park, it will start on the mild side with low 60s and some sunshine, but the sun setting at 6:44. we will look for upper 50s throughout the evening hours. ears the accuweather seven-day forecast. not much of a temperature change. today, tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, a slight chance of showers monday, tues
afternoon. still ahead, you have never paid more at the pump. california gas prices hit record highs and they are predict it had go higher. and president obama returns for another round of fundraising. we will update both ♪ just put a little bit of yourself ♪ ♪ in everything you do [ female announcer ] add your own ingredients to hamburger helper for a fresh take on a quick, delicious meal. it's one box with hundreds of possibilities. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...but add some ham and cheese ...roll them up in some crescent dough and tada, thursday is now... a ham & cheese crescent roll-up wonder pillsbury crescents, let the making begin. here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the m
pipeline explosion victims plan to urge governor brown today to replace the president of the california public utilities commission. the blast killed eight, destroyed more than three dozen homes in september of 2010. some san bruno residents accused the president of making backroom deals with pg&e while the cpuc works to determine how much the utility will be fined. the families will present a petition with more than 200 signatures calling for the ouster later this morning. >>> police investigating bizarre shooting involve officers in vallejo on alameda between redwood and broadway yesterday morning. police arrived to find windows of a house smashed, as well as those on cars in the frontyard they encountered two naked men, one was shot to death after he placed a rifle into an officer's stomach. the two men were a couple who restored old mercedes. >> they were great, they were here for a little over two years, took care of the house. had no complaints. took care of the yard. paid rent on time, normal people. >> the men also set the house on fire. police believe the two were under the inf
california candidates for congress including incumbent mcinnerney. >>> santa cruz police looking for attempted kidnapping suspect they released a sketch of the man they hope you can help identify him. he drove up next to an 11-year-old boy on walnut street 4:00 yesterday and asked if he wanted a ride. the man repeatedly ordered the boy into the vehicle, but the boy refused ran to a nearby home and called 911. the suspect is described as white, 40 to 50-years-old, weighing about 200 pounds. >>> gas prices leveled off overnight but remain at record high prices in california. this morning $4.67 for regular, in san francisco, up a fraction of a cent to $4.74. drivers in oakland and san jose, $4.67. governor brown approved using winter gas which takes less refining to help bring prices back down it can take a few more days before prices fall. >>> if you are looking to find the cheapest gas in town, we can help. go to to find the best deals in your neighborhood. there's a link at the top of our homepage. >>> oakland city officials set to announce new comprehensive plans to
celebrities topping new list, not an honor they like. on the list of top tax evaders in california. according to the state franchise boordy beyond warwick and steven seagal are money the top five owing the most unpaid taxes. warwick who now lives in new jersey owes california 2 1/2 million dollars. segal the actor only owes a fraction of that, $350,000. >>> black friday the big shopping day after thanksgiving could be messy for the world's biggest retailer wal-mart workers are threatening to strike black friday one of the biggest shopping days of the year. the threat comes a day after dozens of employees in 12 states launched a strike against the company. the strikers are trying organize a union and they accuse wal-mart of blocking their effort and retaliating by firing union organizers. >>> if you have been watching sue you know this is true, seems like traffic in san francisco is getting slower. you are right. according to latest index san francisco is the second most conjested u.s. city up from the number five position. only los angeles is worse. the navigation systems maker found travel t
plan to picket outside california pacific medical center in san francisco today marking the latest in series of demonstrations against cpmc workers will not be on strike they will air complaints the union accuses the hospital chain of trying to cut benefits for employees. chmc will remain open. >>> san francisco board of supervisors president chu is doing an about face on plan to prevent yellow pages from city doorsteps. a federal appeals court struck down seattle's ban on the distribution. last year the board of supervisors approved a three year plan to prohibit distributors from leaving phone books on doorsteps unless the residents or businesses agreed to accept them. >>> 5:09. waking up to rain some heavy depending on where you are. >> saw some coming out of the caldecott tunnel this morning. how about you pike? >> definitely did, needed windshield wipers, patient, left early. some of our best radar returns on the peninsula, right along some of the higher elevations bunk erode 280, ralston avenue, -- bunker road 280, veterans boulevard redwood city chestnut seat seeing a little
down california's three strikes law. find out how many criminals could be back on the street if it happens. and jazz helps unite two cities torn apart by disaster. young musicians in new orleans and a japanese city forge an unlikely friendship [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> new this morning, a nevada judge has agreed to hear an appeal for o.j. simpson. it could put oj on the witness stand for the first time in this case. simpson is asking to be freed from prison and given a new trial saying his lawyer had financial and business conflicts that should have precluded him from taking the case. simpson is currently serving a nine to 33-year prison sentence. he led five
to return home and that's being done right now. >> california remains under a tsunami advisory from waves in the pacific northwest have been measured in just inches. no damaging waves are expected here. we will check in with meteorologist lisa argen for the latest on the tsunami warning in hawaii. >> yes. hi, carolyn. as you noted, we are looking at condition of that improved there, but with the depth of the earthquake at about 11 feet we are looking at some better news for hawaii. so as you noted, 2.5 feet was recorded in the island of maui and 3 to 6-foot waves were predicted. as you noted, a tsunami advisory remains in effect for three counties up in northern california where crescent city has report bad 1.5-foot wave at 2:15 this morning and north spit, california, .5. no tsunami watch or warning in effect for northwestern california. that's the good news. we are continuing to see really nice weather around here, as conditions are clear. no fog. temperatures right now in the 50s and we will look once again for the mild weather to return. numbers near 80 inland and a look tearing comin
by bus. kira klapper, abc7 news. >>> 5:03. new from southern california where a moderate earthquake shook the san diego area overnight. the 4.1 quake hit near pine valley before 1:30 this morning, 45 minutes outside san diego. no word of injuries or damage following that quake. >>> uniform supply company in concord will be cleaning up after fire ripped through the business last night. the fire sent up a huge column of smoke firefighters managed to keep it from getting inside the building. the damage was kept to a pile of laundry outside the building. there were no injuries. >>> this morning, grief counselors will be on the campus of albany middle school following the apparent suicide a popular teacher. students gathered last night to remember james izumizaki. he was arrested last week accused of having a sexual relationship with a student under 14. police say he was found dead inside a car yesterday. administrators plan a news conference this morning. terry mcsweeney will have more coming up. >>> this afternoon, san francisco man expected to enter a plea on charges of kidnapping a 9-year-
cents a gallon in -- some parts the bay yesterday. the spike is california specific specific, just us they blame low supply on august chevron refinery fire in richmond, high temperatures that caused a power surge at exxonmobile in torrence and maintenance on a pipeline in southern california some aren't buying it. >> everybody is jacking uphold sale prices not because of current shortages, but what they anticipate to be shortages. >> experts say prices will keep going up by as much as 10 cents each day this week. here are the bay area prices from aaa,: san jose $4.28. oakland $4.26. san francisco $4.33 up five cents since yesterday. >>> san jose city councilmember calling for a plan to determine if it is feasible to convert hotels and motels if the city to residental operates or office space. with widespread complaints about prostitution and related criminal activity that there could be a way to develop the buildings. he is expected to discuss the issue at a committee hearing today and bring it up next tuesday. >>> the number of teens drinking and driving continuing to go down across
room. >> reporter: record gas prices in california for this time of year pipeline closure and refinery problems sent prices up five cents in a day to an average of $4.2010 three. expected to keep claiming -- average of $4.23 expected to keep claiming. -- >> there's an offer for folks who say they will leave the country if their presidential candidate does not win. have you heard of the new dialing procedure for the 408 and 669 area codes? no, what is it? starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. o.k., but what if i have an 408 number and i'm calling a 408 number? you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. [ man ] at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. [ female announcer ] and now, try our new chocolate chip cookie 90 calorie brownie. . >>> well coal back. -- welcome back
friday. the couple is wanted for a crime spree that began in southern california when darnell washington broke out of jail in august with his wife's help he is expected -- suspected of shooting a sheriff's deputy. >> we were so relieved that for the first time a lot of progress has been made on my mother's case. >> tonya and darnell washington remain in jail this morning. so far they've not been charged in ko's death. >>> transportation secretary ray lahood is planning a major funding announcement in san francisco today. he is expected to provide almost a billion dollars in federal grants to the central subway system opponents filed a lawsuit yesterday to stop construction of the union square station. streets in the area have been closed for months to build underground staging areas. opponents say the 1.6 billion dollar project that connects third street to chinatown will dig a financial hole for the city >> city of oakland filed federal lawsuit to try to present the u.s. justice department from vicking a medical marijuana dispensary. in july federal prosecutors served paper on the healt
compensation. this month employees walked off the job at stores in southern california, dallas and other cities. a group is threatening a walk-out on the friday after thanksgiving, otherwise known as black friday. >> of course walt mart -- wal-mart is blaming union organizers. >> a battle they've been doing for 15, 20 years. >> decades, yeah. >>> the giants battle yesterday you predicted there could be serious showers at the game when it came down -- >> it did. i don't think it dampened anybody's spirits maybe kept some in check sobered them up to the reality. we talked about there would be a good chance of rain towards the end of the game that's what happened thank you mother nature for following the game plan. as far as what is going on outside, quiet right now. not much going on as we look down from sutro tower, live doppler you can see the rest of area starting to get quiet, we still have storms following around the monterey bay and southern sections of the santa clara valley around san tar mean and morgan hill all -- san martine and metering lights hill. 47 santa rosa, 48 half moon bay res
by record number of campaign ads, but not in california. >> the income four months you have a choice to make. -- >> researchers say 915,000 ads have aired on television so far nationwide almost twice as many as in 2008. >> most in swing states. especially the city's of las vegas, denver and tampa. when all is said and done, 2012 will go down as record year for political advertising. over the next week the candidates and teams will spend estimated 80 million dollars on tv ads, just for one week. because california is a blue state, they won't be spending a lot of that money here. >> no need. >>> we are following developing news in san francisco. shots are fired at an officer. latest on the search for suspects, next. >>> oakland's frank ogawa gets a facelift, a year after it became home to the occupy movement. but it could be occupied again today. >>> overnight millionaires waking up in the bay area today. we'll tell you where, coming up. >>> here's a look at live doppler over theí>?
to the california forecast. mid-60s around the coast and upper 60s in san francisco, everybody under total sunshine this afternoon. big picture, live doppler spread across the entire state. you see a few showers to the north. that is where the storm track moves overnight while you were sleeping. heading up to mt. shasta, a little wet. 67 in tahoe. here is eric. >> eric: police in the south bay are looking for a man that has robbed at least six banks. they released a photo of him taken from a surveillance camera. he is wanted for holdups in several cities and most recently at a sunnyville branch of bank of america where the pictures were taken last week. robberies begin in august. he is described as 5'9" with a stocky building and police say he does not appear to have been armed during the robberies. >> president obama plans to spend much of today at the white house after completing a 40 hour campaign blitz. he was cleveland yesterday talking about the jobs that were saved by government heading resurrect the auto industry. romney prepares to deliver an address in iowa this afternoon. it comes the sa
to are its new home in los angeles at the california science center. this is a live look at what's going on right now. the shuttle was supposed to arrive last night by 9:00, but right now it is still moving. the latest estimated arrival time at expedition park is about an hour from now. there's no single reason for the delay. it's the accumulation of a lot of small problems along the way. in one case, for example, there was a tree that planners did not think would be not the way but it had to be cut down. large crowd gathered in one spot where they thought they might hit a light post. >> because it is dark, it's hard to distinguish actual objects from shadows. the surface of the vehicle is incredibly vehicle. you can damage a tile just with your thumbnail. so he slowed the pace of the orbiter down to maybe a half-mile an hour, a mile an hour. >> on september 21st the endeavour made a quicker pass over the bay area riding peggy back on a specially equipped bogey 747. >>> one weekend is on alert this weekend after a series of mail thefts is happening. but neighbors do have one advantage, s
doesn't amounts win. the california voter foundation said voters only approve a third of initiatives because it's harder to convince people to vote yes. >> you can buy your way on to the ballot but you cannot buy the voters' votes. >> the humane society of the united states got prop 2 passed in 2008 largely on a grass roots effort and now hands have to have more room in their cages. if you want to see a complete list of donors to all the propositions, you can go to our website and click on "see it on tv." nannette miranda, abc7 news. >>> should the rules be changed for auto insurance companies doing business in california? that's the central question voters are being asked with prop 33 and this measure is complex. here's mike finish with what your vote will mean. >> this is harvey. he wrote and shepparded the passage of prop 33. >> he's a smart guy, he's knowledgeable, he's a tough opponent. >> that's the founder and chairman of mercury insurance, george joseph. >> i don't think anything about george joseph, i don't really care about him but anybody who is an enemy of consumers is an
, pipeline problems in southern california leading to shortages that drives prices up in california. wholesale prices going up a dollar a gallon those of us at the pump only felt 30 cents of that we could be over $6 a gallon in some places. talked to a man this morning. >> shocking they go up so fast in a short period of time. without a lot of explanation as to why. they don't seem to go down as fast, never. >> reporter: prices nationwide are about $3.78. it is cal and the east coast getting hit. you want to deal with this in an intelligent way, download our free waze app. it is going to tell you how to get around traffic and how to get away from gouging stations, download it make it one of your favorites easy to do, navigate and then the categories gas station it will give you everything where you are. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. >>> 5:33. at least one person was killed in a motorcycle accident in sonoma county last night. car crashed head-on into a motorcycle on arnold drive south of sonoma. two were on the motorcycle one died at the scene the other airlifted to a hospital in crit
. he acknowledged he has to mend fences at city hall. >> >> california u.s. senator boxer has sent a letter to the fda urging the agency to put an end to seafood fraud. imported seafood is often deliberately mislabeled so threatened species or contaminated fish can be sold. according to her letter recent study fond more than half the seafood tested in -- in l.a. and orange county was mislabeled boxer calls that unacceptable and urges fda to step up enforcement. >>> amazon says it needs to hire 50,000 workers for the holiday season. the company says the temporary positions will be at fulfillment centers but says the jobs could turn fulltime after the holidays. amazon is the latest company to announce seasonal hiring, retailers plan on bringing on more than 400,000 tell remember workers this hole decide son. >>> -- -- temporary workers in holiday season. >>> couple areas in the 50s as you head out mild. right now we are talking about light winds to go with that and the fog very patchy at best, live doppler 7 hd is showing the fog south hayward, san jose this morning and what fog we h
california shakeout, annual earthquake preparedness day. schools will have demonstrations of the drop, cover and hold techniques during a quake. >>> no injuries or damage reported this morning from a moderate quake that rattled new england.fvç the 4.0 quake was centered in maine 20 miles west of portland, maine felt as far away as boston. >>> the candidates are back on the road in virginia, ohio and iowa. president obama and mitt romney are hot off their debate last night with less than three weeks until election day final debate next monday night. t.j. winick joins us live. >> reporter: good morning many many on both sides are calling this a great debate. the stakes could not have been higher that was clear from the get go. 45 seconds into his first answer the president went after his opponent. >> the president: governor romney said we should let detroit go bankrupt. >> reporter: romney pushed back. >> the president took -- when you say that i wanted to take the auto industry bankrupt you actually did. >> reporter: that's the way it was much of the night. >> have you looked at your pension
expired. it is possible in california to file uncertain circumstance national president of the boy scouts of america has released a statement saying there has been instances of children being abused and the response has been insufficient, inappropriate or wrong. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> a crime that shocked the nation in 2009. a 22-year-old richmond man has an pleaded guilty to charges from the richmond high school gang rape case a plea by manuel ortega, 32 years prison sentence. the assault let a teenaged girl hospitalized after being repeatedly attacked by a group of boys and men. the victim was wheat -- the victim was beaten, robbed and assaulted over two hours while spectators watched. ortega is the first of six to be prosecuted. >>> firefighters in lake county counting on calmer overnight weather to help them keep gaining on a 300 acre wildfire off highway 29. high 29 closed from middleton to the lake. 20% contained. crews managed to stop the fire from advancing. calfire says higher humidity and calmer winds helped them gain ground. >>> pilot found dead in a single engine plane
in to help communities hit by the aftermath of hurricane sandy. members of the california national guard are headed east, 88 troops took off yesterday. they report to north carolina and then deployed from there. >> pg&e assisting its -- sending workers more than 150 to new york to help restore power in the aftermath of sandy bay area crews depart in the next couple of days under maintenance and construct workers, pg&e says electric first responders also on their way their job to help restore power as soon as possible. >> people are posting hundreds of photos online. atlantic city, new jersey getting particularly hard hit you can see this car trying to get through the deep water. in this picture you can see a man standing by a flooded street in the city. you can just barely make him out there. the roads leading to atlantic city are cracked and water covered. here's another shot of southern manhattan, lower manhattan as they call it, this car in the chelsea district submerged. building in the same neighborhood had its facade torn off you can see the power of this storm. we'll continue to t
years old. >>> the california public utilities commission is blaming pg&e mismanagement for its rejection of a plan to have ratepayers foot most of the bill for fixing its pipelines. pg&e said it's customers should pay 90% of the cost. the plan cuts it to 36%. pg&e shareholders would also pay for any cost overruns. but a rate payer advocacy group claims the fine print on the deal would still have customers paying more than half the cost of the overhaul which stems from the deadly pipeline explosion from destroyed dozens of homes in san bruno two years ago. pg&e said it was disappointed in the decision and added its plan was designed to be as economy alfredo aceves possible >> the transformation of the old doyle drive into the new prestudio parkway is entering hits final and second stage and this time without a full closer. the work is centered near the palace of fine arts. abc7 news transportation reporter heather ishimaru notes it will be years before it is finished. >>> right now traffic flows in both directions on the new elevated section of doyle drive. phase two of the repl
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